Nature is always involved in acts of beneficence. Sea and rivers give water. Sun provides light and life. Giving alone is their true nature. What does man give them in return? Nothing at all. Cannot man learn from them the spirit of giving? Saints and sages also like nature are always engaged in acts of service and charity. They have understood the giving spirit of nature in the right sense,
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Intelligent Rudraksha: Person wearing it becomes intelligent and brilliant. It is optimum for all students, teachers and the ones involved in mental work who are desiring growth of intellectual power, memory power and concentration.

Health Rudraksha: It creates energy in the body by revolving the blood and provides good health by removing lethargy, fear, hopelessness, tension and illness.

Water Therapy Rudraksha: Put the three Rudraksha beads in copper utensil at night. After being soaked in water for 12 hours, drinking that water in the morning helps in treatment of diseases like High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Fever, Eye problems and stomach related illnesses. Remove the beads from water in the morning and again soak them at night.


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Om Achyut SanskirtanOm Achyutya Namah, Om Anantaya Namah, as per Padma Purana people soulfully reciting this mantra will be fearless from death coming through poison, illness & fire.Miraculous recovery is seen in cases where doctors’ medication, suggestions have failed just by, reciting this name by looking in water & then drinking that water. Recovery is also seen in patients whose mental state is weak. This kirtan of Achyut Parmatma is available in divine vocals of Pujya Shriji in form of a CD. Millions have benefitted by listening to this CD.


Hareram Kirtan“Kaliyug sam jug aan nahi jo nar kar biswaas | Gaayee Ram gun gun bimal bhav tar binahi prayaas ||” Shri Ramcharitmanas.Who is unaware of the world famous story, where mere stones even floated on water after writing Raam Naam on them. Why can not a living human being also float throught the ocean of life just by reciting ‘Raam Naam’.Merely by reciting ‘Raa……’ was Surdasji able to make a dead body alive. Tulsidaas made recovery of 500 people suffering from Psoriasis merely reciting ‘Raam Naam’ for three times.By regularly chanting this name miracles happen.This mantra helps us cross this evil era. Many are experienced with divine feelings of peace, happiness and contemplation by hearing to this kirtan.


Jai Govinda Jai Gopala“Harergre swanairuchhenrityanstannaamkrinnar | Punati bhuwan vipra gangadi salil yatha ||” Humans chanting God’s name purifies the world in the same way as the river Ganges etc. purify the world. You can also benefit through the CD ‘Govind Hare Gopal Hare’ which is available in Shriji’s multitudal voice alongwith divine music. You can feel the purity of pilgrimage by listening to this CD at your home, workplace etc.

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