Divya Shishu Ratna

Divya Shishu Ratna is a unique initiative undertaken by Prerenamurti Shri Bharti Shriji. Through an extensive research in the areas of Science, Vedas, Ayurveda and modern science, expanding over a number of years, Shri Bharti shriji has found useful insights and expositions with the help of which prospective parents can attain offsprings with desired appearance, traits and temperament. There are many elements which are directly or indirectly responsible for the physical, mental and intellectual development of the mother and the offspring. On any occasion at our home where guest arrive for 3-4 days, we make such elaborate preparations for them. However, it’s surprising that the one going to stay with us forever, the little guest, we make no preparations for his/her arrival. Therefore, to give birth to a superior child, it is important for the mother to take into account certain small but significant things/issues in her day to day life.



What is Garbh Samskaras?

Garbh Samskaras means a long lasting impression cast on the infant. The samskaras (sacraments) embedded in the period of gestation helps in fabricating a beautiful life for the child, and stays with him/her forever. One of the important segments in the development of the unborn child is “Garbh smaskaras” – it points toward the impact on the unborn child in the womb of the mother. Not only ancient scriptures, but also modern science has found that mother’s physical, psychological and emotional exertions and thoughts certainly impact the unborn child. The prefatory and important teachings about life that a child receives in the mother’s womb- these samskaras only builds his/her life. Thus it is the responsibility of each of the parents to impart qualities like fearlessness, health, intelligence, goodness to the child in mother’s womb itself.


The Importance of ‘Vedic Science of Pregnancy’

– Do you know that you can give birth to a desired progeny?
– In order to get a good harvest, a farmer sows good quality seeds. In the same manner we also desire the things we need, to be the best ones. So, knowing about the secret of attaining a desirable progeny of our choice, does not hold any importance to us?
– To give birth to a child according to the vedic rituals is considered no less than the action of Yajna.
– The way in which a pot once hardened in fire, cannot be changed in shape by the potter, in the same way the samskaras and proclivities once inherited in the womb cannot be erased from the mind of the child.
– Science has also proved that a child’s 80-85% development happens in the womb of the mother.
– During pregnancy fetus’s subconscious mind is deeply affected by mothers’s experience of happiness-pain, angst, tension, stress etc. and the mark of this is impressed on the personality of the child in a permanent manner.
– Personalities like Napolean, Buddha, Shivaji, Abhimanyu and popular Tabla player Zakhir Husain also authenticate this fact that the type of samskaras that enter the womb results in producing that particular type of child.
Hence come to ‘Divya Shishu Ratna’ to know the secret of obtaining healthy, charming child having divine qualities.


In ‘Divya Shishu Ratna’ you will find

– Various measures to develop the potential of the unborn child in the womb through vedic chants and rituals.
– Ayurvedic Medicines and their use to help in the physical, mental and intellectual development of the fetus during the nine months.
– To attain the desirable progeny, complete information is provided regarding pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy measures including diet-conduct, nourishment of the unborn child, and inculcation of right values in the womb.
– C.Ds and music therapy related to Garbh (womb) samsakars (sacraments)
– Guidance and consultation by specialists in this area once in a month.
– Guidance about development of fetus with the help of techniques like Yoga, Pranayama and meditation and many more significant information.

“Know The Secret Of Desired Child”