To spread the divine principles and inspiration of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji to all, Laksh Prerna Divine foundation was established in 2008. Pujya Shriji says yours single positive thought or idea gets transmitted in the universe and start working because you are connected to this vast universe. You just raise one step in the direction of service work, God stands there ready to help you with his hundreds of hands.
This we have witnessed a number of times that whenever Pujya Shriji has a singular thought of initiating a welfare task, the desired service work is seen to be happening over the world. The seed of service work which was sown for the welfare of humanity in 2008 in the name of LPDF, is going to take a gigantic shape now in the present.
Laksh Prerna Divine Foundation is engaged in innumerable social activities viz.. Ascent of life, Divya Shishu Ratna(Vedic Garbh Vigyan),De-addiction campaigns, Gau Seva etc.