Ganges Protection & Preservation


Shriji’s love towards mother Ganges(river) is incomparable. No matter however busy and being in any part of the country, she manages to reach Mother Ganga on the occasion of Ganga Dusshera. Every year she spends many days in mother ganga’s lap. Shriji says :- “The virtue that is achieved by thousand cow donations, hundred Ashwamegh Yajna’s, thousand vrishabha donations and earth donation with oceans is achieved just by Ganga’s vision and taking a dip in holy ganges. One who takes bath in Ganges water heated by sunrays becomes free from all diseases. Mother Ganga is an invaluable heritage of the country. Ganga takes away everyone’s sins and blesses everyone with goodhealth, it is the duty of every citizen to maintain the cleanliness and purity of Ganga.
Shriji’s actions are as per their words. Times to time “cleanliness campaigns” are organized under her guidance for making Ganges pollution free and cleaning of Ghats. People are made aware of the glory of the Ganga by the medium of rallies, sermons and pamphlets distribution.

Giving a real face to the holy spirit of service, whenever Shriji visits Ganges she never misses a chance to serve, she always make a point to clean and run a cleanliness drive. So, we all should participate in Shriji’s holy work to increase the glory of our nation and country and take a pledge to respect and protect Gita,Ganga & Gau — the 3G.