Komal balani Mumbai

We always wondered whether we can give birth to a divine soul, as it’s unbelievable but through DSR it became a reality. During my pregnancy we got monthly progress report, ayurvedic medicines and proper Vedic guidance, which helped me throughout pregnancy period. Allopathic  doctors were sure that without their treatment normal delivery was not possible. But I strongly believed in DSR and had full faith due to when gave birth to a healthy beautiful child, that too with normal delivery.

We thank DSR for guiding us throughout pregnancy period and are very grateful.

Rajendra kalra, Udaipur

I am from Udaipur, worked in Kuwait.  Due to work at the age of 16yrs got addicted of cigarette, drugs and drinks. Tried hard to get out from all these addictions but I failed.

Once I joined ‘Ayushman Bhav’ campaign. I got freedom from all my addictions and today i am totally in control of my life. I am very thankful to save my life.

Paras Patel , Mumbai

Almost since last 10 years I got addicted to tobacco. I was severely affected by the ill-effects of chewing tobacco. I was diagnosed by cancer that too on early stage. I and my family members were worried about my disease. During that time I got chance to hear from SHRIJI and got aware of all disease gifted by chewing tobacco. Then I realized and decided to change my life, got Khushali Sumukha and now I am free from addiction.

Mukesh rawal, Naranpura Ahmedabad

Since last 15 years I am consuming pan masala and guttka. Every day I used to have 100pouches daily. Due to excess use of gutka, my mouth and teeth were badly affected and I suffered a lot. During those days I came to know about ‘AYUSHMAN BHAV’ campaign and become a member. I received KHUSHALI SUMUKHA and through that I got de-addicted from all my bad habits, resulting my health was improving,

I am very grateful to Ayushman Bhav through which I got Khushali Sumukha which changed my life and I am happy now.

Priyanka Deshpandey Ahmadabad

I am a strong follower of Lord Ram. I wish I have a child like Him. One day I came to know about Divya Shishu Ratna(DSR) from one of my friend. I attended that course and experienced that I am bearing a divine soul. I gave birth to a child on the day of diwali. Ram was the first word he learnt. I observed all the divine characteristics of SHRI RAM in my child in young days.  In those days I wanted my child to have divine behaviors, thoughts, nature and all should be impressed by his personality. Luckily I am blessed with such a wonderful child.

I believe all the women should join DSR and empower themselves and give birth to divine soul.

Gaurav Agarwal New Delhi

I came to know from DSR that we can have divine child. We learnt that pregnant mother’s behavior like- listening, speaking, reading, colour of clothes etc. affects child’s growth in mother’s womb. Initially we were surprised but following the instructions we really got a divine child. From the very young age he was very friendly. Keeps smiling always. At the age of 6 months he got ‘Best Baby Award’ in Delhi where ‘Mother’s Pride Baby Show’ was organized.

We are very grateful to DSR.