From time to time appropriate to the seasonal situation there are different kinds of social welfare services being organized by this organization. Destitute, frustration, hopelessness of the people, living a life of misery impel them right away. Supply of goods to the needy, distribution of food offerings and ready cash in different areas, in rainy season at flooded areas arrange food, water and shelter for the flood victims, those suffer from thirst, to make arrangement of water tubs for suffering hot summer for all creatures as well as installation of water sheds for life community, distribution of warm clothes and blankets in winter season, on occasion of dipavali festival litting the lamps even whose house is not lit the lamp at her home and also distributes sweets for them. Providing employment to unemployed. For Mentally unbalanced and unhappy peoples we arrange programmes recitation of glory of lord and discourses (satsang) for their peace of mind. Supply of medicines and fruits offering among the patients in hospitals. Providing employment to the women and finding solutions to their problems. Arranges discourses programmes for people in different places of the country to familiarize the masses the keys to progress and live the life with happily sources. In order to show the right path for prison inmates also by arranging discourses programmes in jails to inspire them to lead an ideal life and soul advancement.