women empowerment

Woman is known to be as the symbol of Strength. To rekindle the power within, the symbol of power- Prernamurti Bharti Shriji- has initiated the ‘Nari empowerment campaign’. Shriji says that ‘na ari iti nari’ meaning the one who is not the enemy of anybody is the woman. Because compassion, love, mercy melts away the animosity and this power lies only with women. In a way one cannot imagine the existence of life without women. Those women who are unaware of their glory, to awaken them in their greatness, came into existence the ‘Nari empowerment campaign’. Under this are revealed various yogic exercises, breathing exercises, asanas, inspirational spiritual discourses and techniques to achieve psychological well-being for the purpose of women’s development and betterment. In addition various activities are organized throwing light on topics like means of women’s moral- spiritual empowerment, suggestions to make married life peaceful and cordial, physical health and beauty tips for ladies, curbing abortions, tactics for inculcating values in children, cultural awakening etc.
‘O woman you are not helpless, but capable; you are form of Goddess; man is the caretaker of one house but woman can be the foundation of two houses (paternal and in-laws)’- inspirational messages like these are communicated through social media sites like Twitter, Word press, Facebook etc to help women become conscious of their glorious history.